Why should I care about privacy?

My name is Wolfgang Zwanzger, I am a consultant for data protection and information security and I would like to talk to you about the GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation.
Today I would like to discuss the following question: Why should I care about privacy?

In Europe, data privacy is an important human right! And it is absolutely mandatory to protect this right!
Why it is so important to protect the right to data privacy? If we handle privacy and data protection in a wrong and untrustworthy way, real people will be affected and might suffer from damages.
This is the reason, why the governments of Europe have developed privacy laws and respectice enforcement actions which could affect an organization engaged in a breach of said laws.
Thus, enforcement action, such as a fine, are something your organization should absolutely avoid.
Why? Because the fines could potentially be draconic and painful to your company.

Maybe there are organizations which argue:
“I’m not even in the EU, so I definitely shouldn’t care … should I?
My company is not in the EU, so I don’t have to care about the GDPR, because the implementation requires a lot of time and financial resources.”
Regardless of where your organization is based in the world, if you process personal data of an EU citizen, you have to observe the GDPR!

Now, in summary it is absolutely crucial to consider if your organization is affected by the GDPR and to implement the regulations of the GDPR.

This was a short summary of “Why should I care about privacy?”, my name is Wolfgang Zwanzger and I would like to thank you for your attention.
I hope I see you soon and have a nice day!

Wolfgang Zwanzger