About me

Portrait of Wolfgang Zwanzger

My Mission:

„…helping organizations, to deal with data in a way, which is permitted by law and to protect their data … this is my mission!”

My name is Wolfgang Zwanzger and I am living near Munich. One special topic, that has fascinated me since I started working with computers is … hacking. But I am also concerned about the terrible results criminal hackers produce on a regular basis.

In my opinion, hackers are artists … computer and programming artists. And these people have mostly criminal intentions … and yes, they really exist! Hackers have much more skills than only technical knowledge. They often gain insights into human nature, and they exploit them for example through social hacking.

What is the goal of hackers? To get knowledge! To change or destroy your data! To harm your organization! The damage caused by criminal hackers is tremendous.

For this reason, all documents, inputs, values etc. must be protected as safely as possible! Exactly here lies the link between information security and data protection. In both topic areas it is necessary to protect data. Organizations want to keep their values safe. They would never agree to a foreign company using their internal information without permission. Individuals are entitled to the same right: the right to decide, whether and in which way their private data will be processed.

Helping customers to protect their data and handle it in a lawful way … this is my mission!