Data Protection Consulting

  • Monitoring of lawful usage of data-processing-applications;
  • Employee training;
  • Handling of functional requests of employees, customers etc;
  • Informing and advising of management, employees and departments on technical and organizational measures;
  • Reviewing requirements of suppliers in case of data processing
  • Developing and maintaining of guidelines or data protection handbooks;
  • Controlling and indemnifying of the rights of data subjects
  • Monitoring compliance with GDPR
  • Advising for maintaining records of processing activities
  • Providing advice with regards to the Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Providing support in case of data breach, corporation with Supervisory Authority
  • Providing activity reports

Information Security Consulting

  • Support with implementation of DIN EN ISO / IEC 27001:2017-06 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 27002:2013;
  • Controlling and coordination of security processes;
  • Drawing up documentation such as corporate policy, guidelines, IT concepts;
  • Coordination of the development of security concepts and the associated sub-concepts and guidelines;
  • Preparing implementation plans for security measures and initiating and reviewing their implementation;
  • Reporting the status of information security to the management board and security officers;
  • Coordination of security relevant projects;
  • Investigation of security incidents;
  • Initiation and coordination of awareness-training and courses on information security;